The Ling Saga

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Taylah Ling, a Churchill resident, continues a campaign of harassment and stalking on local community leaders. Her behaviour caught our attention, given that the attacks seemed systematic and increasingly vicious. There are some interesting aspects to this behaviour:

  • Ling has a particular focus on Latrobe City Council, and the councillors that make up the Council Chamber.
  • She only promotes three of these councillors - being Ferguson, Harriman and Gibson. Never a questioning or negative tone.
  • Ferguson, Harriman and Gibson promote her above most others.
  • She claims to reside in Yinnar South. Our investigations suggest she is a resident of Churchill. Not a big issue, but possibly an attempt of misdirection.
  • She has received two $1,000 payments from community groups to help support her efforts.

This leads us to one question. Why?

There are many isolated examples of this behaviour that, when considered in isolation seem mildly harassing on their own. The further we investigate, the more we learn that there are commonalities connecting these isolated instances. Our theory is that this behaviour is for one purpose - to disrupt the next Council election and provide opportunity for new people aligned to a common cause. At this point, this common cause and the people at the centre of this common cause are unknown. We must stress that this theory is a theory only and may be modified as our investigation progresses.

People of interest

  • Taylah Ling
  • Cr Melissa Ferguson
  • Cr Dale Harriman
  • Cr Sharon Gibson

Ling only supports the above Councillors. Never a questioning word. This is not the case for other Latrobe City Councillors.

Others connected to two or more of the above