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TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN. I am not sure what to make of Greg Hansford. On one hand, he actively supports his local community of Walhalla. He's written books on the town's history and is President of the Walhalla Railway. But, on the other hand, most things he touches these days seem to have a distasteful political undertone. Take for example, Matthew Guy visiting the railway (4). Something that should be for everyone was turned for Hansford's political gain. And then, take his jovial and slightly nervous attitude when interviewing Ling on Gippsland FM. He must be thinking - when will I become collateral damage when Ling's sputum blows back? Someone, hand this man a flashlight so he can find his way out from the dark.

Here's what we know about Hansford so far.


  • Worked at the SEC for 10 years (10).

Apart from a five-year break to operate his own tourism business, he taught at local schools for just over 23 years.

  • Bachelor of Business at the GIAE (now Federation University) and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) at Latrobe University (1). Again, unlike most here - these credentials make sense and are likely to be legitimate.
  • Published book In Days of Gold: The Pioneers of old Walhalla early in 2018. Second book in trilogy (2)
  • Retired in 2018 (1).
  • Volunteered at a local food bank packing food hampers, assisted St Vincent de Paul Society clients, visited senior citizens, hosted a weekly community radio breakfast show (was Friday but now on Wednesdays), and helped in various capacities at the Walhalla tourist railway. (1)
  • Rebuilt fences for the Bairnsdale Blaze Aid effort after the Gippsland fires. (1)
  • Published a history book about Walhalla, played in a local covers band and looked after his grandchildren. (1)

And then things went south for Hansford when he entered politics.

  • Stood for One Nation in Gippsland at the May 22 federal election(1). Hansford's lucky day arrived when he scored top spot on the ballot (3).
  • Stood for Freedom Party of Vic in the Nov 22 state election (1).
  • We believe that Gibson (Independent), Harriman (Libs) and Hansford (Freedom) were campaigning together. They turned up together to a private Labor function to cause trouble.
  • In Sep 22 (6) Hansford announces that the party he signed up with is having trouble meeting VEC requirements. Weird. The party still exists, but now neither Hansford nor Richardson are listed (5).
  • Starts the REV - Revive Eastern Victoria group on FB. A seething group of anti-establishment, anti-Labor cookers (by the way, the definition of a cooker here is gold (7) and fits the bill).
  • Joined the Gippsland Peoples Council on 19 Aug 23 (photo)
  • As President of Walhalla Railway, Hansford met with the Shadow Minister for Public Transport Matthew Guy 09 Jan 24 (4)

Maybe Hansford swaps parties because they get creepy and weird. It's a bit like eating a plateful of garlic. Tastes good at the start, but for days after you end up stinking the house out. I suspect he would prefer to represent the Libs, but preselection is such a very long way away for Hansford.

Known associates


  • Hansford hosts a weekly radio show on Gippsland FM in which he interviews Ling, giving her a platform to spread her wacko theories.
  • Ling is a member of Hansford's FB group - REV - Revive Eastern Victoria group,


  • Joined as member of Hansford's FB group REV - Revive Eastern Victoria group about 2 years ago (photo).
  • Campaigned with Hansford in the last state election.


  • Campaigned with Hansford in the last state election.


  • Hansford was a member of the Australian Federation (AusFeds) Party (Victoria) (8), alongside Richardson (photo). Peas from the same pod.

Gippsland Peoples Council

  • Hansford is a member (photo).

I am sure that this represents only a very small part of Hansford. I look forward to meeting him one day so I can listen to the other sides that make up this very perplexing man.

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(1) Admittedly, this piece does read like something he wrote himself. But hey, self-promotion is not a bad thing.
(7) explains a theory on the derivation of the term cooker with fascinating roots in Qanon culture.
(8) Interesting that their anacronym is the same as that for the Australian Federal Police. I suspect this has been done intentionally to falsely gain credibility, and to confuse and misrepresent. (9) Hansford does not seem to have a LinkedIn profile.
(10) Hansford shared details of himself on-air during his breakfast show on Gippsland FM on 30 Apr 24.